Serbia: MIL project unpacks visual literacy

A project by Media & Reform Centre Niš focused on visual literacy – on what we can and cannot see in the media – by producing and airing four seven-minute video episodes (in Serbian) distributed via traditional and social media.

The goal of the project was to create powerful educational media content on MIL with practical benefits for understanding of everyday media messages.

The project “Visual Literacy: Beyond Visible” is part of the sub-granting scheme of the regional project »Media for Citizens, Citizens for Media«, implemented in 5 countries of the Western Balkans. The aim of the projects is to increase the CSOs’ capacities for promotion of MIL practices and policies at a local level. In this series we present a number of implemented projects.

The primary target group are high school and university students (age 15-25) in the southern Serbian city of Niš, as well as all young people in Serbia as the videos are available on multiple platforms.

Along with the strong promotion on social media (Facebook, Instagram 1,2,3,4YouTube) and the website of the Media & Reform Centre Niš (reach of more than 40.000), four TV stations in Serbia aired the videos (one regional in the south of Serbia and three local stations).

The project also featured two debates in a high school in Niš with participation of 111 students as well as two debates at the University of Niš (Faculty of Philosophy) where 66 students took part. Since the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted additional live debates, the videos were distributed to all high schools in Niš with the goal for them to be shared with the students as part of an online curriculum.

Watch the videos (in Serbian):

(1) Visual Reality: Fragments of Us

(2) Media Reality: Seeing is Believing?

(3) Visual Sensitivity: Retouched Life

(4) Out of Focus: Invisible Presence


The regional program “Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media: Strengthening the Capacity of NGOs for the Development of Media and Information Literacy in the Western Balkans” is implemented with the support of the European Union by partner organizations Mediacentar SarajevoAlbanian Media Institute,Macedonian Institute for MediaMontenegrin Media InstituteNovi Sad School of JournalismPeace InstituteSEENPM.