Monday, December 5, 2022


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How science helps fuel a culture of misinformation

We tend to blame the glut of disinformation in science on social media and the news, but the problem often starts with the scientific enterprise itself. Source: NiemanLab

Finding accurate information online during a crisis

News outlets and social media provide an avalanche of information during a crisis. How do you sift out the accurate from the inaccurate? Source: Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri. 

Types, sources, and claims of COVID-19 misinformation

This factsheet we identifies some of the main types, sources, and claims of COVID-19 misinformation seen so far. Researchers analysed a sample of 225 pieces of misinformation rated false or misleading by fact-checkers and...

Kosovo, fake news and politics

An unsigned and suspicious article, featured on the website of the Kosovar public broadcaster in the middle of the last election campaign, resparked the debate in Pristina on the use of false news as...

Which Audience Engagement Methods Work?

Effectively engaging with audiences is key in keeping news media and journalism initiatives afloat. However, trust in the media is in decline, and it impacts engagement as well. SOURCE: The CMDS Blog

To rebuild trust in the media, we must empower its consumers

In many different parts of the world, trust in public and public-serving institutions – especially the news media – has declined alarmingly over at least the last decade. SOURCE: World Economic Forum

Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it’s learned may be crucial...

As the trolling ramped up in 2015, President Sauli Niinisto called on every Finn to take responsibility for the fight against false information. A year later, Finland brought in American experts to advise officials....

The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News

The current system for delivering news online is broken. Readers and journalists will need to work together to find a new one. SOURCE: The New Yorker

Lifting Journalism by Knowing What Readers Are Looking For

Claudio E. Cabrera of the New York Times, who specializes in search engine optimization, describes how he keeps track of what’s hot in search and how that informs coverage — and what the limits...

Facebook announces sweeping changes to its anti-misinformation policies

Among the changes:Facebook is now reducing the reach of groups that repeatedly spread misinformation.It is exploring the use of crowdsourcing as a way to determine which news outlets users trust most.And the company is...