Should you wish to file a complaint about media content, you can find information on regulators and self-regulators and their complaint mechanisms in this section.

Regulator: Audiovisual Media Authority

Audiovisual media in Albania are regulated by the Law On Audiovisual Media, which establishes the Audiovisual Media Authority as the regulatory authority in this field. AMA is a public independent legal entity, whose board is elected by parliament, after shortlisting proposals from civil society and academia. AMA’s functions include licensing audiovisual media, monitoring implementation of the law, and monitoring news programs and programs of current events.

Part of AMA is also the Council of Complaints, whose role is to examine complaints regarding ethics in audiovisual media programs. The Council is composed of three members and is elected by AMA Board. The main role of the Council is to supervise implementation of the Code of Broadcasting, a set of rules for professional coverage of audiovisual media, approved by AMA. In addition, the Council deals with complaints from citizens or public, private or non-profit organizations. The Council can mediate between the relevant media outlets and the persons or organizations filing complaints on media coverage. The Council publishes the complaints and other relevant surveys in a bulletin every six months, or electronically on AMA’s website ( )

The Council of Complaints members can be contacted at the following link Complaints can be filed using the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Self-regulation: Media Council

Albania Media Council considers itself “an independent organisation of journalists with the purpose of promoting self-regulation among the community as a means to re-establishing trust and maintaining media credibility with the Albanian public.” This is an organization established by a number of journalists, who have set up a board of five persons from different fields to decide on complaints. However, their decisions are not binding for the media, since media outlets have not become part of the initiative.

Citizens can file a complaint at the following link: