Checkology: Help your students master news literacy skills in a virtual classroom

Engaging, interactive lessons help educators equip their students with the tools to evaluate and interpret the news and to learn how to decide what news and information to trust, share and act on.

Checkology® is a free virtual classroom tool by the News Literacy Project that empowers students to become smart consumers of information in all its forms and engaged participants in civic life.

Empower your students to interpret the news and information that shape their lives so they can make mindful decisions about what to believe, share and act on — and ultimately become active members of civic society.

The news literacy lessons are comprehensive and easy to implement. 

  • Browser-based; no need for special software installation
  • Tablet-friendly
  • Experts in journalism and digital media as virtual guides and leaders
  • Real-world hands-on lessons

Check out the demos: InfoZones, Democracy’s Watchdog, Arguments & Evidence. 

Premium version is also available with additional features. 

The News Literacy Project is a national education nonprofit in the U.S. offering nonpartisan, independent programs that teach students how to know what to believe in the digital age.