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Melisa Tolja


How Misinformation Became a Profitable Business in Eastern Europe

In several eastern European countries, misinformation is a lucrative business, reliant on advertising revenue, and pulling in cash from a variety of other sources...

Kosovo, fake news and politics

An unsigned and suspicious article, featured on the website of the Kosovar public broadcaster in the middle of the last election campaign, resparked the...

Kosovo gets its first media and information literacy (MIL) magazine

A new MIL resource in Albanian language produced by third-year students of journalism at University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, aimed at passing on knowledge...

School Children across Western Balkans Trained in MIL

Journalists and other specialists delivered a series of workshops on media and information literacy (MIL) in elementary and high schools in five Western Balkan...

New MIL Learning Resources from SEENPM: For Educators and All Interested in MIL

South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM) presents three new learning resources for media and information literacy (MIL) educators and all those...

Journalism Matters: Video Campaign Launched in the Western Balkans

The central role that professional public service journalism should play in a democratic society is the focus of a new campaign by a group...

Handbook for Journalists Teaching Media Literacy

A new learning resource produced by SEENPM member organizations within ‘Media for Citizens - Citizens for Media’ project is aimed at journalists passing on...

Local CSOs in the Western Balkans get Support for Small-scale MIL projects

'Media for Citizens - Citizens for Media', a regional project in the Western Balkans, completed two rounds of sub-granting aimed at building capacities of...

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