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People are not searching facts – they want to find approvals and emotions. How...

An appropriate answer by journalists and civil society in the aim to combat violent disinformation and radical messages means more than only reaction or correction: It means to activate our communication, innovate our way...

Reporters: Stop calling everything ‘fake news’

“Fake news” no longer communicates what journalists often think it does. SOURCE:

Bearers of Bad News: The Unchecked Spread of Disinformation through Messenger Platforms

While attention remains on the more public social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, private, “dark social” messengers may be all the more to blame for the viral spread of disinformation, which is nearly...

How ‘Googling it’ Can Send Conservatives Down Secret Rabbit Holes of Alternative Facts

Based on the exact words you type into the search bar, “Google is giving you drastically different information”. SOURCE: The Washington Post via

Reinventing Journalism for a Murky Era

About the recently published paper Bridging the Gap, Rebuilding Citizen Trust in Media. SOURCE:

Preparing young Europeans for the ‘digital future’?

Heated debates focus on new and emerging technologies in the lives of children, young people, families and schools. New research brings together the perspectives of tech industry insiders and those of young people, parents,...

It’s Not Fake Video We Should Be Worried About — It’s Real Video

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the Syrian civil war, we've learned that a real video can be just as misleading as a fake one. SOURCE: BuzzFeed

Which Audience Engagement Methods Work?

Effectively engaging with audiences is key in keeping news media and journalism initiatives afloat. However, trust in the media is in decline, and it impacts engagement as well. SOURCE: The CMDS Blog

Predators of press freedom use fake news as a censorship tool

Predators of press freedom have seized on the notion of “fake news” to muzzle the media on the pretext of fighting false information. Nonetheless, many of them have taken recent statements by President Donald...

Facebook announces sweeping changes to its anti-misinformation policies

Among the changes:Facebook is now reducing the reach of groups that repeatedly spread misinformation.It is exploring the use of crowdsourcing as a way to determine which news outlets users trust most.And the company is...