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Moldova Highly ‘Vulnerable’ to Russian Propaganda, Study Says

The dominant position of Russian-language media has left Moldova the most vulnerable country in Eastern Europe to Kremlin propaganda, a new study claims. SOURCE: Balkan Insight

Tech Talk: Protecting Journalists and Tackling Fake News (podcast)

What is fake news? Is it it something that is fiction being presented as fact? An opinion posted as a news story? Or is it simply any news story that you don’t like? It...

Online disinformation and the EU’s response

While the EU is stepping up its efforts to tackle online disinformation ahead of the European elections in 2019, the EU’s myth-busting team is facing criticism. SOURCE: European Parliamentary Research Service Blog

Attacks in the Comment Sections: What It Means for News Sites

The research examined two main questions:1. Do uncivil comments on news stories make people perceive other site users and the news site more negatively?2. Do people make this evaluation about the news site based...

Reporters: Stop calling everything ‘fake news’

“Fake news” no longer communicates what journalists often think it does. SOURCE:

Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action

There are some possible pathways for reducing fake news. The article identifies three courses of action that can be taken in the immediate future. SOURCE: Shorenstein Center

What will misinformation look like in 2030 (and will we be better at spotting...

But also, what if the studies are kinda flawed in the first place? SOURCE:

One year on, we’re still not recognizing the complexity of information disorder online

Our report for the Council of Europe provides a new definitional framework for information disorder, overviews current responses and summarizes key academic studies. SOURCE:

Understanding disinformation and fake news

Recent political and security-related developments have increased the focus on, and concern over, the use of biased and deceptive information as a tool to exert strategic influence. The growing emphasis on countering the manipulation...

8 essential qualities of a digital literacy curriculum

Here's how to make sure your teachers can help students become responsible digital citizens. SOURCE: eSchool News