Saturday, May 28, 2022


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Government bans phrase ‘fake news’

Тhe government has banned the term “fake news” after urging ministers to use “misinformation” or "disinformation" instead. SOURCE: The Telegraph

How algorithms are controlling your life – And why you should probably pay closer...

Algorithms are a black box. We can see them at work in the world. We know they’re shaping outcomes all around us. But most of us have no idea what they are — or...

6 ways to integrate media literacy in the classroom

Teachers are looking for ways to integrate media literacy into their classroom – especially since it became obvious that students cannot distinguish between real or fake news. Here are six ways to help you...

For online media literacy that works, speed and ease matters

Hygiene checks of online info can be as simple & automatic as hand washing & seatbelt wearing. What follows are some of the techniques we teach our students as they learn to navigate the...

Alan Rusbridger: who broke the news?

The former editor-in-chief of the Guardian looks back on two decades that changed journalism for ever. SOURCE: The Guardian

Reporters: Stop calling everything ‘fake news’

“Fake news” no longer communicates what journalists often think it does. SOURCE:

Inside Wikipedia’s volunteer-run battle against fake news

In the era of information wars, Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee is working to keep the internet honest. SOURCE: Wired

Six Fake News Techniques and Simple Tools to Vet Them

There are different ways that fake news sites fake us out. In GIJN’s latest tutorial, Olga Yurkova, co-founder of Ukrainian fact-checking project StopFake, runs through six main techniques used and offers some simple tools...

Free Media Are Not “The Enemy Of The People”

Free media are not “the enemy of the people” – and that is precisely why they are under attack from politicians all over the world. Free media can empower people – that Is why...

What we learned about media literacy by teaching high school students fact-checking

"Around three weeks into our summer program, one of the high school interns asked: “Is the Chicago Tribune a reliable source?”While the answer was obvious to us, the intern’s comment illustrated a larger, more...