Moldova: IJC launches online workshop on editorial fact-checking


The Independent Journalism Center is launching the online workshop encouraging journalists to document and thoroughly verify facts before publishing them.

The workshop ‘Editorial Fact-Checking: from Theory to Practice’ (in Romanian and Russian) is held by the journalist Dumitru Stoianov from RISE Moldova, an institution for which fact-checking is one of the main editorial standards. Since 2015 until now, all RISE-Moldova materials have been subject to fact-checking, which makes it the only media outlet in Moldova that checks the facts at a professional level.
Structured in three parts, the workshop allows journalists and editors to find out what fact-checking is, how journalists can apply it when writing their materials, what steps to follow for a professional fact-checking.
Given that independent media is exposed to a number of risks – financial, legal and political – the thorough checking of facts becomes a pressing necessity for journalists. The professional use of fact-checking can protect them from exaggerations or inaccuracies and helps them to produce high-quality materials.
The Independent Journalism Center encourages editors from local media outlets to implement fact-checking in their work and advises journalists to take into account the rules presented in this online workshop and to follow them in their daily work.

The online workshop is organized by IJC in partnership with Internews under the ‘Mass-media supports democracy, inclusion, and responsibility in Moldova (MEDIA-M)’, project financed by USAID. The MEDIA-M project aims to promote the development of independent and professional media in Moldova, giving citizens access to a broad range of perspectives and contributing to the creation of a more resistant to political and financial pressures media sector.