IREX: What we learned from training citizens to detect fake news


Fake news and disinformation campaigns are more sophisticated than ever. Quick technological solutions won’t solve the problem on their own. That’s why, in addition to partnering with media outlets to strengthen independent media, IREX has developed new ways of empowering citizens to detect and decode disinformation.

IREX recently conducted a pilot media literacy project in Ukraine called Learn to Discern. The goal was to equip Ukrainian citizens to both identify misinformation and demand better quality information. Results from the evaluation were extremely promising: people became more skillful in separating fact from fiction, and they shared what they learned with their family and friends.

Learn to Discern’s unique training methodology provides practical skills to citizens of all ages through videos, games, and other interactive learning experiences.

Read about what IREX learned from piloting this approach in Ukraine

Learn to Discern has been discussed and praised in reports by the Center for European Policy Analysis and Legatum Institute, and in the New York Times, Washington Post,Christian Science Monitor, and World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda.

IREX is exploring options for bringing Learn to Discern to other countries. For more information, contact Katya Vogt at [email protected].