Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018

For the first time, this year’s reports features finding on news literacy in 37 countries, along with those on misinformation.

Based on an online survey of 74,000 people, the 2018 report includes findings on trust, misinformation, paying for online news, television viewing trends, news, podcasting, adblockers and voice-activated assistants. For the first time, news literacy, and brand trust scores, in 37 countries, are included.

Over half of those polled (54%) say they are very or extremely concerned about what is real and ‘fake’ on the internet. This is highest in countries like Brazil (85%), Spain (69%), and the United States (64%) where polarised political situations combine with high social media use.

Read analysis on misinformation across countries

Comment & Analysis: The Impact of Greater News Literacy

Discussions over misinformation, disinformation, and ‘fake news’ have reignited interest in news literacy. Richard Fletcher asks how this could help improve trust and reduce confusion.

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