Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) (Istanbul, Turkey)


Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) is a timely initiative to support and promote editorial independence in the Turkish press at the time when the journalistic profession is under fierce commercial and political pressure.

P24 is a not-for-profit, civil society organization which has as its founders several experienced members of the Turkish press. It was established with a broad mission to build the capacity of the Turkish media, create a public appetite for media independence, define and promote best journalistic practice, and more specifically to encourage the transition to web-based journalism.

It does so using various strategies:

  • leading by its own example (providing content; organizing projects to encourage investigative journalism with independent funding);
  • by organizing training for young professionals;
  • by providing assistance to news websites of proven integrity;
  • by bringing issues of media integrity to public attention.

In a nutshell, P24 attempts to prove the value of free and independent press to a society which has lost confidence in established media.