Media Literacy – Alphabet for 21st Century


Croatian initiative is a rich resource center featuring articles on MIL targeting parent, teachers and children, dealing with a variety of media, and focusing on four main topics: security on the Internet, media and childrens’ development, violence in media, and identifying stereotypes.

The website is a product of the initiative ’Let’s Choose What We Watch’, led by UNICEF and the Agency for Electronic Media, that showed possible influence of media on children and parents.  A long list of partner organizations and institutions joined the initative

The content produced by all the partners aims to support parents and teachers in raising the level of their own media literacy and media skills, as well as the children’s knowledge.

The website creators explain:

In the world of endless media choice and easily available content, where there are no borders for the media anymore, our aim is to offer information on what the media is and how it operates.  We believe that we can empower adults and offer them new topics and tools to teach children who should learn to assess and critically think about media content so as to be protected from content potentially harmful for their development.  Although it may be that today’s generation of children know more about technology and some media, adults know more about life.

The aim of the initiative is to stimulate conversations on media and safe use of technologies necessary for progress in the 21st century.