Media Development Center becomes the first Bulgarian partner of European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI)


EAVI – Media Literacy for Citizenship is committed to serve public interest in the fields of media in Europe and to promote media literacy world-wide.

Sofia, 22 November, 2017: The Media Development Center (MDC), Bulgaria, signed a collaboration agreement and became a member of the Brussels-based European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI). The Bulgarian organization will reinforce the partnership network of 40 associations, institutions and companies from all across Europe and beyond and will strengthen the advocacy efforts for media literacy and full citizenship in Europe.

Full and active citizenship in Europe is increasingly reliant on media literacy skills. By empowering Europeans as responsible media users, EAVI is actually working towards the goal of a healthy, democratic, more cohesive society.

  • “Becoming part of EAVI is of high importance to us as this partnership brings added value to our scope of work, especially in the area of media literacy. It will allow us to deliver integrated services across Europe and beyond. We are willing to develop, disseminate and exchange ideas of best practices in the media literacy field and to boost the networking and cross-border cooperation in Europe”, said Yana Pelovska, Managing Director of the Media Development Center.

By joining forces EAVI and the Media Development Center will facilitate the adoption of initiatives that enable citizens to read, write and participate in public life through the media. EAVI represents citizens interests in the European sphere through lobbying, conferences, networking, research, media literacy focused projects, the development of good practices and the production of online content of resources with a particular attention to the education of young people.

Media Development Center, Sofia (MDC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 1998. It was established to promote independent media in Bulgaria, and to foster capacity-building of the media by encouraging good practice in journalism, stimulating the professional ethics, institutionalizing the dialogue among the state administration, the media and the NGO sector. MDC is a SEENPM member organization.

Download the instructional EAVI posters (full size): 

Press Contact:

Yana Pelovska
Managing Director
Media Development Center
+359 878 63 44 59
[email protected]