Impact study on a new approach to media literacy training


IREX has been been testing a new approach to media literacy training in Ukraine since 2015. It recently conducted a rigorous impact study to measure the program’s long-term effects.

IREX has been been testing a new approach to media literacy training in Ukraine since 2015.

The program teaches citizens the latest techniques for identifying reliable information in a sea of disinformation. 

IREX recently conducted a rigorous impact study to measure the program’s long-term effects:

The study found that participants scored 13% higher than the general population on identifying disinformation and 28% higher on overall news media knowledge—even 1.5 years after completing the program. Prior studies have shown that the effects of other media literacy programs wane after one year.

Read a summary of the impact study, which was recently featured in Slate.

Read the full study

IREX is now piloting the program in the United States with support from the Adobe Foundation and in partnership with Free Press and the Rural Activation and Innovation Network. It is also implementing the program in Ukrainian schools.

If you are interested in exploring media literacy work in the United States with IREX, please contact Tara Susman-Peña, [email protected]. To explore possibilities for media literacy work in Ukraine or elsewhere, please contact Mehri Druckman, [email protected].