Tuesday, July 5, 2022


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Journalism faces a crisis worldwide – we might be entering a new dark age

Almost anyone can use the worldwide web to be a media outlet, so how will we differentiate between truth, myth and lies? SOURCE: The Guardian

Social media “filter bubbles” aren’t actually a thing, research suggests

A popular meme of the last few years is the social media “filter bubble” — the idea that services like Facebook and Twitter serve to reinforce users’ biases by feeding them content with which...

News and media literacy the way it’s always been taught may not be the...

“Should we still think of news as a separate space, as a specific type of information?” SOURCE: NiemanLab

Understanding disinformation and fake news

Recent political and security-related developments have increased the focus on, and concern over, the use of biased and deceptive information as a tool to exert strategic influence. The growing emphasis on countering the manipulation...

Google’s fact check feature goes global and comes to Google Search

And while there are plenty of fact-checking organizations, unless you are looking for their data, you aren’t likely to see it. SOURCE: Techcrunch.com

“Media as Watchdogs of Public Interest” Workshop in Skopje

ournalists and editors from 8 media outlets in Macedonia participated in the workshop organised as a part of a media literacy programme MAMIL run by the School of Journalism and Public Relations (SJPR) and...

Digital transformation means focusing on readers, not platforms.

Why the challenge facing traditional publications isn’t one of revenue but one of culture. SOURCE: Medium.com

Here Comes Somebody: Journalism and the Trust Economy

Mark Little, founder of Storyful, on what the digital economy of news would look like if it was optimized for trust. SOURCE: Nieman Reports

‘Fake News’ And The EU’s Response

Whereas recent research indicates that a majority of people have difficulties determining when news is fake, the EU’s steps towards countering this growing information challenge are still tentative. SOURCE: European Parliamentary Research Service Blog

Is it time to completely rethink fact-checking?

Tom Rosenstiel, executive director at the American Press Institute, thinks it may be time to rethink this model. Local newsrooms especially, he suggests, should make “the key unit of fact-checking not a claim or...