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Surveillance and ATI from a child’s rights perspective

Concerns over radicalisation or sexual exploitation have made children one of the most monitored groups on the planet, especially online. SOURCE: IFEX

A Mission for Quality? Why Some Newspapers are Better than Others

Money and resources are key to producing quality news but a mission for quality is equally important according to a study comparing news coverage in different types of newspapers in two similar countries: Sweden...

Our problem isn’t ‘fake news.’ Our problems are trust and manipulation

“Fake news” is merely a symptom of greater social ills. Our real problems: trust and manipulation.Article by Jeff Jarvis. SOURCE: BuzzMachine.com

Google developed a school curriculum to help kids fight trolls and hackers

Google is launching an educational program designed to teach kids about phishing, internet harassment, passwords, and other internet safety issues. SOURCE: The Verge

People are not searching facts – they want to find approvals and emotions. How...

An appropriate answer by journalists and civil society in the aim to combat violent disinformation and radical messages means more than only reaction or correction: It means to activate our communication, innovate our way...

What makes news humanitarian?

Unfortunately, the concept of ‘humanitarian news’, whilst commonly used, is seldom defined. In an attempt to provide some clarity, we offer three distinct definitions of humanitarian news: (1) news about humanitarian crises and actors,...

A Global Guide to Initiatives Tackling “Fake News”

Here’s a list of initiatives that hope to fix trust in journalism and tackle “fake news”. There’s a lot. I’ve tried to collect an extensive list of projects, initiatives and tools created to fix...

Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action

There are some possible pathways for reducing fake news. The article identifies three courses of action that can be taken in the immediate future. SOURCE: Shorenstein Center

Tech Talk: Protecting Journalists and Tackling Fake News (podcast)

What is fake news? Is it it something that is fiction being presented as fact? An opinion posted as a news story? Or is it simply any news story that you don’t like? It...

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launches Wikitribune, a large-scale attempt to combat fake news

The crowd-funded news platform aims to combat fake news by combining professional journalism with volunteer fact checking: “news by the people and for the people.” SOURCE: NiemanLab