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RESEARCH: Hate Narratives in the Media and UGC in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this research, examples of hate narratives are analyzed to gain a better understanding of their origins, messages, and dissemination in Bosnia and Herzegovina after...

RESEARCH: Hate and Disinformation Narratives in Turkish Online Media

Focusing on the hate speech and disinformation in online media in Turkey, this report is a follow-up to an earlier report within the Resilience project that tackled models...

RESEARCH: Hate Speech and Disinformation Narratives in Montenegro

Over the past few years, with a lack of adequate self-regulation and an unregulated market, Montenegro has been facing a trend of growing presence...

RESEARCH: Hate Narratives and Disinformation in Online Media and on Social Networks in North Macedonia

The purpose of this research that focuses on online media and social networks was to identify patterns and examples of hate and disinformation narratives, examining actors...

RESEARCH: Hate Narratives and Disinformation in Online Media in Albania

This research aims to look in detail at what the actual narratives of hate and disinformation in Albanian media are and how they are...

RESEARCH: Hate Narratives in New Media Forms in Serbia

This research aims to identify the main patterns and examples of hate and disinformation narratives in the new media in Serbia are; actors and...

RESEARCH: Hate and Propaganda Models of Media and Communication in the Western Balkans and Turkey

SEENPM presents a collection of research studies on hate and propaganda models of media and communication in the Western Balkans and Turkey. The collection includes...

RESEARCH: Hate Speech, Propaganda and Disinformation in Albanian Media

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the main models and elements that media in Albania manifest regarding hate speech, propaganda and disinformation...

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