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2.500 Students in the Western Balkans Get Introduced to Critical MIL Thinking

2.500 students of elementary and secondary schools in the Western Balkans will participate in media literacy workshops held by journalists by the end of 2019 and in 2020 within the project “Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media”.

The workshops will take place throughout Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Journalists are holding the workshops following the MIL Manual for Journalists, produced within the project Media for Citizens – Citizens for media (soon to be published on this website). The manual is focused on various methods of critical thinking about media content and the analysis of it.

Journalists will aslo unpack their profession and the functioning of media outlets to the students.

The workshops target students from the two final years of elementary school and all grades of secondary schools, including students involved in extracurricular journalism activities.

The project Media for Citizens – Citizens for media so far published:

In addition,  a series of ToT workshops with civil society organizations were held in each project country, as well as a subgranting scheme to boost capacities of civil society organizations to conduct MIl-related activites. 

To learn about all the project activities in detail, consullt our project outline and related news section. 

The regional program “Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media: Strengthening the Capacity of NGOs for the Development of Media and Information Literacy in the Western Balkans” is implemented with the support of the European Union by partner organizations Mediacentar SarajevoAlbanian Media Institute,Macedonian Institute for MediaMontenegrin Media InstituteNovi Sad School of JournalismPeace InstituteSEENPM.

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